Special cargo means cargo which requires special procedures for acceptance, handling and loading. Activair Airfreight India (P) Ltd. has professional staff to handle special types of cargo such as telecommunications and electronics equipment snd oversized and heavy cargo such as aircraft engines.

We ship sensitive special cargo such as electronic equipments, aircraft engines etc. to the full satisfaction of our clients. We are aware of the specific handling and conditions these highly sensitive products require such as temperature suitable for electronic good's transportation.

Selecting the right container for your cargo, right down to ensuring correct stowing and securing practices, are critical for ensuring a safe passage for your cargo from load to destination point.

Service Highlights

  • Work out the project of cargo transportation
  • Choose optimal transportation route
  • Select needed types of transport
  • Prepare all necessary shipping documents
  • Coordinate all issues related to cargo transportation with local regulatory and licensing authorities and obtain all permits for cargo transportation
  • Resolve all issues related to escort of cargo by competent services, organize loading, mounting, and placement of cargo on transport facilities
  • Monitor status along the whole route of their journey
  • Organize the unloading of cargo at points of delivery