Activair Airfreight India (P) Ltd. provides customs clearance for all international shipping, including air and sea freight import and export.

Our dedicated team of trained and approved customs clearing staff can assist with all import and export clearance matters, including advice on customs tariffs, tariff concessions, duty rates and overseas trade enquiries. We liaise directly with Indian Customs and with international shipping and airline companies to ensure faster clearance of your goods through quarantine and customs.

We can assist you complete pre and post shipments formalities and endorsement as per the requirement of the customer without any hindrances. Follow up and liaison with export related authorities like DGFT, EPCs, Commodity boards, Custom houses and other organizations for documentary procedures and other assistances.

We implement strict clearance procedures and efficient customs entry processes to ensure compliance and avoid unnecessary delays and minimise costs.

If you require door-to-door delivery of your cargo, we ensure your shipments are delivered safely and on time using our integrated air, sea, and road networks. Our global service network covers key areas of world trade; all international airports and ports, so we can pick up and deliver your goods anytime, anywhere.

Service Highlights

  • Organise clearance of cargo (export declaration)
  • Preparation and processing of import documents
  • Transportation and Pick up of goods with care
  • Labeling and marking of packages
  • Examination of shipment
  • Guidance for Duty concessions & appraisals
  • Handling of stuffing and de-stuffing of goods at ports