Activair Airfreight India (P) Ltd. offers consulting services for export and import for various clients across industries.

We provide counsel and various services pertaining to commodity, tax rates and duties, import and export restrictions, exchange rates, methods of customs clearance, letters of credit, insurance requirement, domestic and international shipping and transportation regulations, tariff classifications, customs duty concessions, and appraisals.

Our team of experts can keep you closely informed about the existing rules and policies and the various amendments and changes from time to time. our experts are can share their knowledge and experience gained through years of experience in the trade.

Our timely and precise solutions help our clients reap the benefits of numerous exemptions incentives / assistance available under the Import-Export Policy.

Customer Benefits

  • Keep abreast of the latest in EXIM policy
  • Be aware of the latest amendments in tariffs and duty structures
  • Reap significant gains by way of cost savings
  • Remain compettive in your industry